Because the home services industry is rarely positioned as a first-choice option, the EGIA Foundation has assembled a powerful toolkit to help you effectively communicate all the benefits of an HVAC career to prospective students and employees. Click the buttons below to download these valuable resources to use in your outreach and recruitment efforts.

Why HVAC? Educational Video

This three-minute video celebrates the rewarding career and lifestyle that many HVAC technicians enjoy with the purpose of raising awareness and offering information for potential workers unfamiliar with the HVAC field. Download WHY HVAC? to share on social media, embed on your website, or utilize in any other communications.

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EGIA Foundation Industry Study

This comprehensive report gathers insights and data from all corners of the industry (including contracting firms, educational institutions, HR departments, workers, and students) to gain a deeper understanding of the employment concerns facing HVAC companies today. Download the EGIA Foundation Industry Study to inform your career development, education, and recruitment efforts.

HVAC Statistics Infographics

In many cases, the HVAC industry can provide a path to a more direct, more lucrative, and more fulfilling career than a traditional four-year university track. These infographics are designed to share industry statistics that are easily-digestible and highlight the benefits of a career in HVAC. Download them to share on social media, embed on your website, or use on the web as you see fit.

HVAC Scholarship Data Infographics

The EGIA Foundation has awarded 72 scholarships totaling over $180,000 since 2018. These infographics are designed to share the demographic data of scholarship winners to date and communicate the continuing impact the foundation has in the home services industry. Download them to use in your media articles, share on social media, embed on your website, or share on the web as you see fit.

HVAC Scholarship Informational Postcard

The EGIA Foundation Scholarship awards up to 20 students with $2,500 to pursue an HVAC education from an accredited program. Download and print this two-sided flyer to distribute scholarship information to your network and help more young people find a career in the trades.

HVAC Career Benefits Flyer

The goal of AlwaysInDemand.com is to educate high school students and recent graduates about the benefits of a career in the home services industry by comparing technical training programs and the traditional four-year university route. Download and print this one-page flyer to easily distribute the main points of the website to your network.

HVAC Scholarship 1-Page Handout

Help students in your area learn more about the EGIA Foundation Scholarship and apply for a $2,500 award! Download and print this 1-page flyer to distribute when you visit schools, career fairs, and community events.

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