We know that it takes hard work and dedication to get through school. With the commitment of awarding up to 20 scholarship applicants each year, we’d like to highlight some of our past scholarship winners’ accomplishments and stories. Check out what some of the winners have to say!

Lewistown, Pennsylvania

I talked to friends and family about their jobs to see if any appealed to me. Each time I found that HVAC interested me the most. I knew that my dad liked his job and I always liked helping him. The HVAC field has treated our family well and I knew that I would be able to support my future family with this career. I also knew that I wanted a rewarding career.

Mabton, Washington

If I’m able to at least help a few members of my community my desires will be fulfilled as I have given back to the community where I was raised. Understanding the financial problems of my community members is hard to bear, so that even motivates me more because I want to give back as much as I possibly can.

El Paso, Texas

I think the HVAC and refrigeration trade in general has an opportunity to impact the environment in a positive way, with new clean energy acts being passed and new chemicals about to be implemented in new refrigeration systems over the next few years. I chose this trade because I think that it would be a way for me to have a positive impact on the environment in my work, as well as do something that’s incredibly beneficial for me in working with my hands.

Chicago, Illinois

I didn’t want to sit in a class for 2 years. I’m ready to get hands-on experience going, this is also why I choose to pursue HVAC as a professional career.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

I knew it would be hard and that higher education isn’t cheap, but it’s an opportunity for me to gain practical skills and enter a career that can provide me some stability in life. Now that I am halfway done with my program, I am so proud of myself and feel that what I previously thought was impossible, is truly possible.

Sutherlin, Oregon

My father was an HVAC service technician before owning his own HVAC business. I have been around the trade my entire life, and I have watched my dad’s passion for this trade grow. Because of this, I am inspired by my dad and want to follow him in his career path.

Yakima, Washington

I want to see the product of my hard work on my customers’ faces. I enjoy helping people and fixing things. This is what my purpose in life is and some of the best advice given to me was if you love what you do you will not work a day of your life.

Asheboro, North Carolina

The HVAC field is more than a career to me; in my eyes the HVAC field is a community. From my experience, all the different individuals that I have met and had conversations with have been kind enough to express how this career has helped them become the best person that they feel that they can be.

Columbus, Ohio

The reason I chose HVAC is because the demand for HVAC technicians increases despite the layoffs during this recession. The HVACR job market is still supplying jobs, which means the HVACR field is a recession-proof career.

Harrah, Washington

Being an HVAC Technician will allow me the ability to help support my parents, as they have supported me in the past and will continue to do so through my college career and becoming stable. This is something I take to heart. This field will positively change my life with the amount of knowledge I will gain by testing my abilities and pushing me to work harder, in turn ultimately strengthening my work ethic.

Demorest, Georgia

I chose HVAC as my career because it gives me the opportunity to help my community members as well as provide for myself and the family I want to have in the future. Monetarily, my family has been frugal and taught me to always pay for what I’ve needed, however, as college days approach I am finding this more difficult. I have some money saved but knowing that my parents will be responsible for part of the financial burden that college has for young students, I am hoping to be a considerable candidate for this scholarship and would use the funds to help pay my school fees.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Studying at Penn College, I really fell in love with HVAC. The courses I was taking were full of material that interested me and, in combination with enthusiastic instructors, for the first time I was learning about something that excited me and I had a true interest in.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have always been interested in science and understanding the world around us. I’ve always enjoyed fixing things for people and improving their livelihood. As I’ve grown up I’ve become fascinated with energy and our challenge to create more efficient systems for a sustainable future. We live in an age where technology advances so fast that it can be easy to underappreciate the machines that ensure our comfort and way of life.

Anderson, South Carolina

There is no shortage of employment for someone that takes pride in their work, treats others with respect, has integrity, is honest and shows compassion to others. These are all things I learned during my many years in martial arts and still follow these beliefs in everything I do today.

Jefferson City, Missouri

I have always been a hands-on person and I really enjoy diagnosing, working on and fixing motors. When I first saw people working on heaters and air conditioning units it sparked my interest and I knew I wanted to go to college and start my career installing and repairing HVAC units.

Palmdale, California

When you take a look at the HVAC field, it’s easy to understand why it’s such a respected trade. It requires a high amount of technical and scientific intelligence. The field provides an opportunity for one to reach into any level of industry, from residential services to the highest levels of manufacturing.

New Orleans, Louisiana

I just don’t think I am the kind of person that wants to sit at a desk all day, that’s why I decided to pursue an HVAC career.

Cincinnati, Ohio

My entire family is in HVAC, my great-grandfather, grandfather and father. I want to follow in their footsteps.

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